NTF Newsletter Autumn 2016

Victoria has arrived and is ready to weld complex items

Growing demand for hygienic wire racks for the food industry has introduced the need for further optimisation of the production flow. Our new welding robot Victoria quickly and effectively welds complex items, and – together with our other welders and the quality department – opens up a whole new world for our production. 

We are working for mutual success

At NTF-Aalborg, cooperation with our customers has been an absolute top priority. We help our customers develop special solutions in stainless steel products for the food industry.

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience has made NTF-Aalborg a leading supplier of, e.g. hygienic wire racks and baskets for food processing.

As a customer at NTF-Aalborg, you are guaranteed ambitious solutions that are both technologically innovative and sustainable and which offer many daily benefits.


Hygienic wire racks and baskets for food processing | NTF-Aalborg

Quality assurance pays off in the long run

We have quality-tested our hygienic wire racks and baskets for burrs and other irregularities with a nylon stocking – without a single run. It is important that both products have fine rounded ends and good welds, so that food companies avoid having hams, sausages and salmon become frayed while on the racks or when crab and shrimp are cooked in the autoclave baskets.

Hygienic wire racks and baskets are quality-testet | NTF-Aalborg


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Now at NTF

New welding robot further optimises production flow at NTF-Aalborg. Additionally, we are working together with our customers for joint success. Furthermore, quality assurance is a decisive element for NTF-Aalborg, which benefits us all.