NTF Newsletter Spring 2017

New employees ensure continued boost in skills

It is with great pleasure and expectations that  NTF-Aalborg has hired Josefine Skou Klepner as its new quality manager. Josefine holds a degree in production planning engineering. She has broad experience in quality assurance and has worked with quality, the environment and the work environment for the past twenty years.

Quality manager at NTF-Aalborg

Victoria is a master welder

Our fully automatic TIG welding robot, Victoria, is a true master welder. She is working at full capacity, welding hygienically designed wire racks and more for use in the food industry. The investment in Victoria has given free resources in production, where our talented welders can now concentrate on more complicated tasks.

Victoria can weld the same items over and over, which has proven to be invaluable in recent months, where NTF-Aalborg has delivered a very large order of wire racks to the German market.

Fully automatic TIG welding robot - NTF-Aalborg


NTF-Aalborg continues growth

NTF-Aalborg’s staff has increased significantly recently, helping to ensure the company’s continued growth. Moreover, the company has invested in land, which will contribute to the future growth of NTF-Aalborg.

Continued growth at NTF-Aalborg


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For further reading, see www.ntf.dk, where you can stay up to date on machine safety, process equipment, inventory & hygiene, as well as sub-supplier work – all with a hygienic design. 


Now at NTF

With our new quality manager, we increase focus on quality assurance and optimisation of work processes and the work environment. The TIG welding robot Victoria is working at maximum capacity on welding wire racks for the food industry. New staff and a land purchase ensure continued growth of NTF-Aalborg.