NTF Newsletter summer 2017

New production manager further optimises production

NTF-Aalborg has hired Carsten Albertsen as production manager. Carsten is a trained machine operator with a technical degree and has several management degrees. In addition, our promising sales trainee Carina Bager will soon have completed her studies. Carina has demonstrated great potential in sales and service throughout her traineeship.

New production manager further optimises production | NTF-Aalborg      Sales trainee at NTF-Aalborg will soon have completed her studies

It is all about food safety

Food companies have to comply with a long list of preventive rules within hygiene and setup in order to ensure the necessary health conditions in regards to the consumers. Hygienic process equipment paves the way for greater food safety and optimised production flow.

We are specialised in the production of hygienic and cleaning-friendly process equipment in stainless steel. We offer solutions for smoking, boiling, pasteurisation, freezing and thawing, including smoke carts, wire racks and baskets, processing grating, meat hooks and smoking spears.

It is all about food safety | Hygienic process equipment | NTF-Aalborg

Robots require hygienic machine grating

NTF stainless machine fencing increases safety in food companies and helps protect employees from injury by fencing in robots, slaughtering machinery, hot industrial ovens and dangerous machines used in pressing, cutting, sorting, etc.

The NTF fencing, shown below at the Interpack exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, has a hygienic design that ensures effective cleaning and reduces the risk of bacteriological contamination.

Read more about our solutions at www.ntf.dk.

Machine grating in stainless steel | Hygienic machine guarding | Machine safety | NTF-Aalborg

Now at NTF

NTF Process Equipment in stainless steel meets the food industry’s strict requirements in terms of hygiene, cleaning-friendliness and load capacity, and we adapt according to individual needs. NTF Machine Guarding is used broadly in the industry and increases safety around machinery.