About NTF

Corporate profile of NTF

NTF offers stainless steel solutions to the food industry and pharma within machine guarding, process equipment and hygiene equipment. NTF is a dynamic, healthy and well-consolidated niche company, that was established in 1995. 

  • Modern production equipment
  • In-house facilities on 2.800m2
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Core Competency: Innovative processing of customer-tailored solutions in round steel, net and wire, with focus on industry.
  • Technical consultation
  • Delivery reliability and top quality
  • Flexibility
  • Product lines and and individual productions, regardless of quantity.

Fundamental values of NTF

NTF-Aalborg is a manufacturer within custom-designed stainless steel products for food producers and the pharmaceutical industry. We design and develop optimised solutions for our customers, which leads to high hygienic standard, better end-product quality and minimised production cost for the end-customer.

  1. Machine grating for the food industry: Modular Shielding Grate for the Food Industry and Sturdy, easy-to-clean safety nets made to measure in stainless steel – ready for mounting.
  2. Process equipment: A series of standard products within grating, baskets and hanging solutions adaptable to customers’ dimensions, including technical consultation
  3. Equipment and hygiene: A standard program of equipment and hygiene products adaptable to customers’ dimensions, including technical consultation.
  4. Subcontracting work: Bending work, wire straightening and spot-welded nets according to customer dimensions, including technical consultation.

NTF aims to be the best at

  • Quality, including living up to buyers’ ever stricter hygiene requirements at all times.
  • Supply security, such as comply with the agreed delivery times, while working to reduce them.
  • Value for Money, customers should experience a correlation between price and quality.
  • Adding value for customers in the form of innovation and technical consultation.
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