Shelved carts

Practical shelved carts in hygienic design.

Shelved carts for the food industry

Shelved carts, smoking carts and wheeled racks from NTF are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which makes them incredibly robust. They are all designed with hygiene in mind. This makes them well-suited for the food industry.

NTF manufactures carts for all your needs. We offer carts for wire racks, wire baskets, smoking bars and smoking spears. They are used for, e.g. smoking, cooking, deli meat and cheese production.

The carts from NTF are made according to customer specifications. The selection of carts consists of several models, which all are well-suited for processing fish, meat and sausages. A special hygienic design ensures optimal air circulation and more uniform smoking with multiple trays. Meat hooks and other hanging solutions are specially manufactured according to your individual specifications.

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