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Equipment and Hygiene

Equipment and Hygiene. NTF-Aalborg offers a large programme within stainless steel products with a hygienic design. The product range includes solutions for hanging and drying work clothing, including coats, aprons, helmets, gloves, shoes and boots, etc.

NTF-Aalborg's hygiene programme combines design and function with our strengths in processing stainless wire and steel rod. The products comply with the food industry’s strict hygiene requirements and are used particularly in hygiene sluices and staff facilities.

Through technical consultation, we gladly adapt the solutions to existing facilities, and we have considerable experience in manufacturing hanging solutions for production aids and equipment.

NTF-Aalborg offers a non-binding layout proposal in plan drawings in 2D for complete hygiene sluice and changing facility solutions.

Read more about NTF Hygiene Programme in our brochure.