Air Rack with dryer

NTF offers an effective and odorless air rack for drying boots, shoes and gloves. The rack is based on air circulation and it comes as both a standing or wall-mounted model. 

Air drying with air from the room in which the air rack is located. A built-in 12V fan in the rack provides constant air circulation via the air nozzles, drying the boots or gloves over night. The fans are covered and thereby spray-protected (IP35).

Energy consumption: 2.6 W (Watts!) per hour

All air racks come ready for use, with a 4-meter cord and 230 V, 50 Hz transformer. The racks are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The frame is built of sturdy 2mm profile pipes, with easy-to-clean full welds and canted surfaces, in accordance with HACCP certification guidelines.

A 100% stainless robust energy-saving and efficient solution for drying boots, shoes and gloves.

All NTF’s air racks can be adapted to customer needs. It is also possible to combine solutions, for instance, with boots on one side and shoes on the other. They can also be combined with other products from the program.

Download data sheet High-Flow driers for shoes, boots and gloves

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