Hygiene Sluices

Increasing focus on hygiene in the food industry has led to greater demands on complete solutions for hygiene sluices and changing facilities with access control, for instance through hand disinfection and sole/boot washers. NTF has great experience with complete interior solutions of hygiene sluices, and our products are customised in regards to hygienic design, ease of cleaning and high user-friendliness.

Complete layout of hygiene sluices

NTF offers non-binding proposal in plan drawing for your next hygiene sluice, changing and/or personelle facilities. The layout can include products like the following: 

  • Hand disinfection with turnstile
  • Sole and boot washers
  • Paperbaskets and wastebaskets
  • Stainless steel lockers
  • Wardrobes with wire shelves, hangers and coat racks
  • Shoe holders, boot holders and glove holders

All products from NTF are manufactured in a hygienic design which make them easy to clean. Our hygienic products meet the high standards and demands of the industry concerning hygiene and cleaningfriendliness.