Stainless steel modular guarding


Hygienic machine guarding for the food and pharma industries

High-Line is a product line of modularly built machine guarding and protection for the food and pharma industries, that is designed to combine hygiene and safety. It is easy to install and adapt, both in height and length, according to your needs and wishes.

Download data sheet High-Line Machine Grating

Fence Creator - easy machine guarding

Fence Creator is the most innovative and user-friendly online configurator on the market. In a few minutes, you design first class solutions within hygienic machine guarding. Fence Creator has 100 % focus on your individual needs for safe and cleaning-friendly machine grating. Try Fence Creator and see how fast you can have your machine guarding delivered.


High-Line is designed with open profiles

The system utilises open profiles and consists of a welded mesh of stainless steel with no horizontal surfaces to collect impurities. This design ensures particularly effective and hygienic cleaning of High-Line, which is absolutely critical in the food and pharma industries. Furthermore, High-Line has been impact tested to withstand loads of 1600 joules. 

Our modular guarding is designed and built in accordance with existing requirements for finger, hand and arm protection. We provide fast delivery and adapt with bends, cut-outs and fittings.


Sliding door system

High-Line is delievered with a sliding door system with the following benefits:

  • Hygienic and cleaning-friendly sliding door system
  • No horizontal surfaces
  • The large rolling surface provides optimal service life and stability
  • The solid and simple locking mechanism ensures effective closure of the sliding door


New and easy assembly method

The simple system design means that it can be assembled by just one person, thanks to the newly designed assembly method. Meets the requirements of annex 1, item of the Machine Directive.

  • The fixing system must remain attached to either the guarding or the post
  • Tools must be used for disassembly
  • Fixed guarding must be incapable of remaining in place without their fixings
  • All joints are made with flange bolts and spacers
  • Optional threaded rods for raising off the floor
  • Even for installations not raised off the floor, effective hygienic cleaning is made possible, thanks to the patented design
  • Comes with spacers, to ensure optimal hygienic conditions in “high risk” zones


Hygienic design and high functionality

  • No horizontal surfaces
  • Meets the requirements of DS/EN ISO 13857-2008
  • Standard height of 2000 mm
  • Modular design
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Built with AISI 304, 1. cl. pickled
  • Available in AISI 316 on request