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Process Equipment

NTF is specialised in the production of hygienic and easy-to-clean, high-quality process equipment. Our product range include grating, wire racks, wire baskets, processing grids, shelved carts, smoking carts and wheeled racks. We also offer a wide range of hanging solutions like meat hooks, skewers and smoking sticks. All our products are made for smoking, cooking, pasteurisation, freezing, thawing, etc. in the food industry. All products are made to measure.

We offer the following designs: 

  • Standard / basic
  • Double frame
  • Rail (also stackable design)
  • Special 

Netting, wire and mesh are adapted the product according to usage and max load. 

Process equipment in hygienic design

NTF is supplier to the world´s leading smoke-curing manufacturers and manufacturers of cooker units, with focus on processing fish, sausage, ham and cold meat products.

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