Netting/CNC-welding of net

Production of welded net according to customer specifications on CNC controlled spot-welding machines. Net dimensions up to 1000 x 2000 mm (1100 x 2100 mm w/ open ends).

We also have netting in iron and stainless steel on stock:

AISI 304

Item no. Construction Dimension WxLSpecificationsWeight Kg/Stk
RS0250-01Finger protection 2100x1100mm 20x20x2,5mm 8,8
RS0300-01Hand protection 2100x1100mm 30x30x3,0mm 8,7
RS0400-01 Arm protection 2100x1100mm 50x50x4,0mm 8,9

Jern, ST 37.2

Item no.Construction Dimensions WxL Specifications Weight Kg/Stk
JS0250-01Finger protection 2100x1100mm 20x20x2,5mm 8,8
JS0300-01Hand protection 2100x1100mm 30x30x3,0mm8,7
JS0400-01 Arm protection 2100x1100mm 50x50x4,0mm8,9